Saturday, 13 September 2008

Cane Toads? Load of Arse.

So, we are being invaded by Australian cane toads are we? Buffo bullshit I call it. No one yet has actually caught one of the said toads and presented it to any experts for inspection so far as I am aware. But what do we have? Some individuals have said we have cane toads here and that they 'stowed away' on INTERFET vehicles in 1999 to get here. So everyone and his ill informed son are jumping on the Buffo bullshit bandwagon. Even Senator Bob Brown in Australia has called for an 'extermination programme' to wipe out the toads that havn't yet been proved to be here. Senator Brown even sent me an email this morning trying to confirm that cane toads are here. I think this was in response to an email I sent him regarding his unsubstantiated comments. Even our beloved President, once again, has jumped on the Buffo bullshit bandwagon. Dear Mr. President, if you don't listen to your media advisors, maybe it's about time you did. And if you DO listen to them, maybe it's about time you sacked them. Or get them, and you, to read this link.

A cane toad (without the hat). Have you seen one of these Mr. President?


ps - if it is proved that there are indeed cand toads here I will donate USD 100.00 to any

local Timorese NGO.