Tuesday, 23 October 2007

About Time

Well, I suppose a post is well overdue. The past few weeks have been very very busy (at least comparatively so) in the tourism business here. We have had an influx of backpackers and genuine dive tourists. One lady saw an article in a dive magazine and was so captivated she flew from Prague to Dili to sample the diving. Upon the completion of her holiday she declared that ‘East Timor has the best diving I have ever seen!’ Not a bad plug. It’s now whale season and we have been spying an increasing number of cetaceans recently. A few lucky people have also been diving and snorkeling with a dugong down at K41.
I was going to write about the Timor Telcom fiasco of last week but I don’t really have much to say on it. Once again TT showed just how pathetically incompetent they really are with absolutely no regard whatsoever for the customer.
The streets seem to have returned to ‘normal’ at the moment, with very few incidents of rock throwing, fighting etc. Most incidents that I’ve seen or heard of seem to be more juvenile criminal activity rather than anything more sinister or political (is that tautology?). There was a bit of a kafuffle on Saturday night at Tiger fuels but that was more of a little gang related thing than anything else.
A few old friends have returned to ET and it’s really good to see them, especially the Gozontopede and the big blond German. Oh, and welcome back Squatter. I’m glad to see the budgie smuggler problem has been resolved. Still, I understand it was a fairly small problem in the first place.
That’s about it really. I’ll try to update my posting with a bit more Dili-gence in the future…….



Cesca said...

Ah, bless, how sweet is that pic of Dave Master Wayne giving a cheery wee wave from the water on the new ET website?

How are you both? Sounds like business is going well, great to hear.

Frogmella is engaged! I sent you a pic taken minutes after the proposal, but maybe it was too big to download...anyway, Glenn and I are getting married March next year, on a beach.

Hope to be back in Asia late '08 or '09....

Take care,

lots of Froggy love xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell, I thought you'd dropped off the mortal coil. Glad to hear things have picked up. I guess you've been too busy ribbing the Aussies over their continuing failure to win rugby games.

Anglo HalfBoffin.

Anonymous said...

Ah, at long last! We began to worry. Thanks for the new missive. I will spread the news about the whales and diving...
Keep your head down and hit the keys when you have a few spare moments....