Saturday, 9 June 2007

You Had To Be There

Overheard in the pub tonight during an Aussie rules football game on the TV. One of the patrons was getting quite upset:

Patron: Oh no, he manhandled him, come on referee, f**king hell!

Barman: What do you mean he 'manhandled' him? It's a f**king man's game. Did you want him to touch his rectum?

Patron: I hear Melbourne do that....

It made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Just signed this petition to try and stop whaling. Thought you might wanna post it. Very quick and very easy to sign.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Sod,
What's up on the Dili waterfront. We are hungry for the gossip down there. Got any? Who will win the election? Are any of the UN types committing beastiality as two Jordanians did in 2002? I certainly hope the UN has woken up.
Oz observer.

Anonymous said...


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