Thursday, 31 May 2007

Mad Swiss - Part 2

Below is a picture of the Swiss couple, Emil and Liliana Schmid, who are travelling the world. On Wednesday 31st May they met with Sr. Miguel Lobato (pictured on the right), Government Director of Tourism. Also pictured is their car, which you have probably seen driving very slowly around town recently.
They have just returned from the east of the country and have now headed for the middle and the south.
You can also get more information on their odyssey

Emil and Liliana Schmid with Sr. Miguel Lobato, Director of Tourism (r)

The vehicle, a Toyota LandcruiserFJ60, built in 1982


Maracuja Maduro said...

Timor do Norte a Sul -
hoje com poemas de

Padre Jorge de Barros Duarte
Abé Barreto e
MGabriela Carrascalão

este é o endereço


Anonymous said...

I saw the blue 4WD last night around 9 or 10. I was driving behind them when I noticed their unmistakeable car. I beeped at them, drove to driver's side and waved. The driver waved back. They were driving past Colmera towards Comoro, maybe leaving Dili to other parts of the world? Anyway, I just wanted to wish them a good trip and thank them for visiting Timor-Leste and put this tiny and struggling nation on the map.

Thank you. Obrigadu barak.


fat old sod said...

They left yesterday (Monday) for Sulawesi. A lovely couple.