Monday, 28 May 2007

Random Stuff

Aussie sayings I really like:
He’s got a face like a dropped pie”.
Well, that went down like a wrought iron hang-glider.”

Things said on my verandah in the past week
I feel like making a ricey mixture thing”.......
That’s called a risotto in every other language”. err, only in Italian I think.

I must have lots of eggs in case I have to make an emergency quiche

Dili Directions:
You go past ‘Rubbish Ridge’
Cross over ‘Pig Bridge’
Where ‘Hello Mr.’ used to be.
Where the ‘dead cow’ used to be
The old New Resende
Where the market used to be (could be anywhere)
Where the old Dili club used to be
Where the new Dili club is
Past Ramos Horta’s house
The old Poy Chalor
Kiwi lines on the right, the old Makota on the left
Past the Jardine/Airport/Arte Moris (insert name here) IDP camp

This country has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.
Why do we have so many holidays? And from what?

Do white Pajero’s with tinted windows and no licence plates make you as nervous as they do me?

Why is it that when you are in this country you want to grab it by the shoulder and give it a good hard shake and yet when you are out of it you want to get back as quickly as possible?

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Anonymous said...

Great to see you back writing...nice stuff too. Keep them coming, we missed you.
- Oz reader.