Monday, 7 May 2007


From The Age, May 7th 2007

Fretilin secretary-general Mari Alkatiri accused security forces of landing a helicopter and "inserting" soldiers into a Fretilin rally in the central mountain town of Ainaro last week, which he said "disrupted the proceedings".

Brigadier Rerden, under pressure over the hunt for fugitive rebel leader Aldredo Reinado, denied that his soldiers entered the rally area.
"I have personally investigated the issues you raise and I can confirm that the nearest ISF presence to the rally was around 50 metres," Brigadier Rerden said. Age photographer Glenn Campbell took photographs of soldiers mingling in the crowd.

ISF troops around 50 metres away from the rally in Ainaro.
Glenn Campbell, The Age

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Anonymous said...

Come you decent UN people out there...tell us what know you about abuse so that the UN is forced to stop turning a blind eye and cleans up its act in Timor it for the sake of the long suffering Timorese.
-Alarmed Expratriate, Dili, who has seen what happens on the beachfront outside the Dili Beach Hotel (its got nothing to do with the hotel, by the way!).