Tuesday, 1 May 2007


I received the following photo and message via my Dive blog. If you know this guy or have seen him about get him to 'phone home. His parents are worried.

Sirs !
For two years my son has been lost somewhere in the world and as parents we are quite concerned
Does he need help or some kind of assistance.. is he still alive for our peace of mind we want to know his fate
Suddenly there was a rumour that he was in East Timor and since he is a diving man I take the liberty to ask if you have seen this young swede?
Max Castor 188 cm tall slender buildt and last known picture is included
There is a reward for information about his fate and if you see/meet him ask him to kontakt home all resonable costs will be refunded ...
Rolf Castor with family concerned parents
Backvindeln 77 SE 129 42 Hagersten Sweden castor@telia.com +46-8-885136 +46-(0)70 22 99 388

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