Monday, 11 February 2008

Oh My!

Well, here we go again. It appears that Jose Ramos Horta, President of TL has been wounded in an attack on his home this morning. There are also stories going around that Alfredo Reinado, the rebel soldier wanted for, amongst other things attempted murder, was killed in the attack. This rumour is un-confirmed.
The ‘phones are ringing like billyo and SMS messages are ruling the airwaves right now. We heard about the attack at around 7.45am’ish, still then unconfirmed. As staff arrived we sent them home. Now we are getting ready for possible repercussions. If indeed Alfredo has been killed then we wonder how the boys in Dili, some of whom worship Alfredo as a freedom fighter, will react. It looked to us as though word was getting around at about 8.30’ish. Everything went quiet and the streets pretty much cleared.
This is purely speculation but with the timing of the attack and some reports saying that two vehicles drove by the house and opened fire, and it is an open secret in Dili that JRH would go for his morning run/walk around this time, maybe the would-be assassins chose their moment carefully.
Anyway it’s been a while since I last posted anything, but, it looks as if we may be in for some more ‘interesting times’. I really hope not.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope that Dili can keep it's hat on over the next few days. I suppose there is one positive thing out of this, and that is that Alfie was bumped off only after an attempted assasination of the president. Few could argue that this was not therefore a somewhat warranted 'reply'. Mind you, anything can be read in different ways in Timor-Leste, not least of all the constitution!
Anyway, hopefully the Airnorth flight will still be operating on Wednesday morn and I'll pop around and have a beer.
Keep your ears open and your head down. Love to Mrs SOD