Friday, 22 February 2008

Bits 'N Pieces

I am not going to name any names in this post. Instead, in the grand tradition of the Chief Prosecutor, I am going to use initials only.

I want to say how very happy I am that JRH is recovering and has managed to say a few words to his family. I have shed some tears for him and I wish him well.

It was reported in some newspapers last weekend that JRH was awake and that his first words were “don’t shoot, don’t shoot”. It was also reported that AP, the former Mrs. JRH, was at his bedside at the time. (I do not believe these reports).

A nice little Dili joke that I found over at Rai Ketak:
The signs up at the Dili Zoo
Before 1975: Please do not feed the animals
Between 1975-1999: Please do not take the animals’ food
Between 1999-2002: Please bring the animals food and UNTAET will give you three dollars and some expensive food
Between 2002-2007: Please do not take the animals’ food and please do not eat the animals.

It has come to my attention that during the past 10 days or so a certain person has been passing himself off as a ‘journalist’ and using fake ID. This fake ID has been used to get into Obrigado barracks, the Airport Tarmac on the morning KR arrived, the Heliport when KR was there and most alarmingly a 'real journalist' with the initials PT who works for ‘The Australian’ used the fake ID to get into the government building when KR and XG were there. I’m not really bothered about the security aspect here. What concerns me is that a journalist from a major Australian newspaper walks around the world with no ID whatsoever.

Mnemonic – Now there’s a funny word. Pity I can never remember it.

Some News To Cheer Us All – A chap I know, we’ll call him D, told me a story in FB’s the other evening. D was driving home from work recently after a very bad day and had just passed the Comoro bridge when he got rocked. D was in his own car so he was a bit pissed off. D jumped out of the car, picked up a nice big rock and hoyed it back. The rock hit the scrote in the back of the head (they were running away) and his two mates had to carry him off. As he said to me “If I told anyone, the wouldn’t believe me”. Well, I believe him. And it gladdened my heart.

TMR – The words ‘eating your’ ‘it cake’ and ‘having’ spring to mind.

The Curfew – I understand that from tomorrow, 23/2/08, the ‘State of Emergency’ will be extended by 30 days. Also the curfew time will change from 2000-0600 to 2200-0600 (that’s 10pm to 6am for normal people).
The curfew hours havn’t really bothered me. In fact I’ve quite liked them. No sound at night except breaking waves; no fear of getting burgled, no rocks on the roof. Curfew! Bring it on! But I’ve always been a selfish bastard.
The curfew is affecting some of my mates in different ways. One guy runs a 24hour place and so is obviously losing money. Another guy runs a car-hire company and the curfew actually helps him because there is less wear-and-tear on the car and less chance of having an accident. There are also all the restaurants and bars which close at 8pm (2000 to the anal) but the staff still have to get home. It’s a lot easier at the check-points if you are a Malae than if you are Timorese.

Has anyone talked to Mossad?

A Nightmare Scenario:
It’s 8.45am. It’s the Comoro road at the traffic lights next to the Heliport and Tiger. There is an f-FDTL convoy of 5 vehicles heading east very quickly on the Comoro road. The vehicles have heavily armed and adrenalin charged f-FDTL troops inside them. Coming quickly from the other direction is a convoy of 6 PNTL vehicles with heavily armed and adrenalin charged PNTL on board. The two lead vehicles of each convoy collide at the traffic lights. One or two f-FDTL or PNTL are killed in the accident. There is an ISF convoy waiting at the lights from the Heliport. Now write your own script.

It’s just a thought to send us all to bed.



Anonymous said...

Dear FOS,
Is this some sort of code? Parts are a little cryptic.

Anonymous said...

That's the booze talking

Anonymous said...

That's the booze talking

Anonymous said...

Ref Your Scenario -
Is the wind blowing? If so, the PNTL will be at a disadvantage as they will have to fight with one hand and try to keep that perfect hair in place with the other...

FG - Have Laptop, Will Travel

Anonymous said...

AP has barely left the side of JRH since he arrived in rdh icu...that's a fact.
Here's some news....X is preparing to visit jrh in rdh as long as he (jrh) is out of icu.
- Impeccable source, Darwin

Anonymous said...

Re your reference to PT from a major Australian newspaper, Toohey not only missed his ID he was missing on the entire story!
- Media Junkie.