Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Dodgy Characters

Now, some of you may have noticed sad old people walking around Dili with shonky ID tags around their necks. My understanding is that these people have made their own ID’s just to fit in with the crowd. What with the UN, NGO’s, diplomats, media and everyone and their dog having ID it is my contention that a few weirdo’s who have made East Timor their home have decided to hit back. They have formed the LCC (Local Character Club). Sources say that the members can have no affiliation with any official body, have been in East Timor on their own dime since before May 20th 2002 and that they undertake to help each other out no matter what the circumstances. Now, I don’t know about you, but I consider these individuals rather sad. They shuffle around Dili, often in rags, complaining about the international’s being ‘over paid, over sexed and over here’.
I have found the only humane way to deal with these people is to buy them a beer, leave them alone and then buy them more beers.
I have attached an ID of a notorious founder member. You have been warned……

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sod,
We know from your past ramblings that you care a lot of East Timor. Do you think the Timorese can pull themselves out of the current crisis and become a vibrant, culturally different country? I'm not suggesting you write a puff piece. I'm just interested in your thoughts about the future.
Concerned Aussie