Sunday, 15 April 2007

Beam Me Up

E Timor poll count increasingly 'illogical'
The confusion surrounding the first round of voting in East Timor's presidential election has mounted after the Election Commission said a district with 100,000 eligible voters had produced three times as many votes.
Martinho Gusmao, spokesman for the National Election Commission, could not explain the discrepancy, which emerged amid growing questions about East Timor's first presidential poll since independence in 2002.
"It registered a little more than 100,000 but the result is more than 300,000," he said of Bacau, East Timor's second town.
"The commissioners will discuss it together in order to find out how this illogical situation happened in Bacau."
The surplus 200,000 would represent a huge proportion of the total vote because East Timor has just 520,000 eligible voters.

Mr. Spock was unavailable for comment…..


Kasia said...

Are they going to repeat the elections?

Anonymous said...

Beam them up again? BigBubblemaker

T said...

Hahahahaha. Good to know Mr. Spock is following the situation in TL. He was so good in his spaceship that we can only trust him :D I am curious to know what will follow now with so many people contesting not just the results, but the voting process and counting itself. Guess election observers will stay longer than expected. So you can keep appreciate their nice vests. Tere

Anonymous said...

forget the wit, what's happening?

Kasia said...

Exactly, what is happening? Is Baukau trying to become a capitol and take the power back? What are the rumours? Are they going to repeat the elections?