Saturday, 28 April 2007


With apologies to Private Eye

“I really want to encourage the sole woman, Timorese journalist that I see every time to ask the first question no matter what question you want to ask, first question no matter what” SRSG Atul Khare, March 15th 2007

“I do not know where I am now, people brought me here”. Leandro Isaac, Tuesday March 5th 2007 (TP)

“Tell the Australian troops to stick surrender up their arse” Major Alfredo Reinado, March 1st 2007 (SMH)

“Do not be scared to act against the people creating violence and destabilizing the country for fear of human rights abuse accusations, if anyone criticizes them of human rights abuse they should speak directly to him”. JRH, January 27th 2007

“Please do collaborate by informing any suspect act or any situation which will prevent a crime, also any misbehave” UNPol Daily Security briefing, January 8th 2007

“Kill them all” – Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato, April 28th 2006, Government palace – COI report.


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"when Fretilin wins we'll do a clean up". Mari Alkatiri, sometime in 2001 during the AC election campaigns.


"only Fretilin can garantee stability or instability"


"If Fretilin losses there will be bloodshed"


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What about "Let's go to war", Jacob Fernandes, Fretilin's deputy speaker for Parliament, 2006 crisis.