Tuesday, 13 May 2008

And Their Point Is?

Driver straps in beer, leaves kid loose

Posted 3 hours 42 minutes ago

Police in Alice Springs say they were appalled to find a driver put a seatbelt around a carton of beer - but left a five-year-old child unrestrained.

Officers stopped the unregistered sedan on the Ross Highway south of Alice Springs on the weekend.

They found the child sitting in the back seat without a seatbelt, but the driver had put a belt around a slab of beer.



Anonymous said...

Well you wouldn't want to have a crash and have that heavy beer flying around, especially not with a five year old in the car.


Knackers said...

Ahhah! the old green can as deadly missle defense , I can just imagine the encounter.
Dick head Driver - Whats seems to be the problem Cuntstable?
NT Copper - How come your slab of VB is belted in and your 5 year old is playing a solo game of red red Rover in the back seat?
Dick Head Driver - What 5 year old?
NT Copper - That one ,in the back seat!
Dick Head Driver - he doesnt belong to me ,he must have snuck in at the bottlo.

Anonymous said...

Where are you Mr Sod? I miss your updates! Hello to Mrs Sod.

Anonymous said...

Could FOS report on his 50th birthday celebrations? What was the casualty rate?
- Knackers, Darwin

Anonymous said...

Dear FOS,
Hav you disappeared or are you just having the same technical issues as Squatter? I need something else to read about other than bloody Clinton and Obama.