Thursday, 9 August 2007

Burning Issues

Well, for a while there it looked like ‘Here we go again’ but so far, touch wood, today has been relatively quiet. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were quite interesting but it still had the feel of ‘same old, same old’. The boys were out and about in town, burning tyres, throwing stones and firing arrows. By now most of us know which areas to avoid and when to keep our heads down. They did manage to burn down the customs building but I have yet to meet anyone who actually thinks that was a bad thing. Tax office and Timor Telecom next?
The UNPol’s and the ISF, in my humble opinion, have been doing a sterling job containing any trouble in Dili but things have been a bit hotter in Bacau and Viqueque with reports of burnings, injuries and mass arrests. Not unexpected as those areas are Fretilin strongholds, and, as we all know, the chaps are quite miffed at not being able to form a government despite the fact they did get more votes than any other party but did not win enough seats to actually form a viable government.
Our revered former Interior Minister, Rogerio Lobato, as I write, is still on a ‘plane on the runway at Dili airport and is refusing to get off. He is supposed to be going to Malaysia because of a heart condition that needs treatment. We were betting on prostate trouble, but what the heck, the heart comes a good second. (Shades of Mobuto and Pinochet there?) Our President, H.E. JRH, has seen the medical reports and agrees that he should leave the country for treatment but Lobato’s cousin, Lucia, the new Minister of Justice, has decided that justice must be seen to be done. For those of you with short memories Mr. Rogerio Lobato was sentenced to 7-1/2 years in jail for his part in last years ‘crisis’.
There may be a bit more mayhem on the streets today as I understand the UN are going to condemn Fretilin for not doing enough to quell the events of recent days. So, a few disgruntled scrotes might decide to show their unhappiness. I will try and keep you posted on events as I know I have been a bit lax recently, but, to be honest, not much happened out of the ordinary (what the hell is ordinary here?) over the past couple of months, apart from the elections of course, but I felt East Timor Journal’ and ‘Dili-gence’ portrayed those events far better than I ever could.
As I write, a small jet has just taken off from the airport. Don't know who, if anyone, is on board.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To Mrs. Sod -I am no stranger to Timor having spent 2 weeks traveling in the back of an angguna from Dili to Com & Venilale, and again to Maubisse to climb Ramelau, then on to Remexio, to Liquica and a 3 day hop over to Atauro. Your island is indeed beautiful as are 99% of the people. It's that 1% who make progress difficult, and that's everywhere - not only in Timor. It's true you can adapt to just about anything when you are living within the situation; things don't seem too bad. Even so, it's a mother's plight to worry. If I ever get over there again, I'll give you a ring and you can take me diving at Timor's best spots! Renae (Worried Mama)

Anonymous said...

Dear SOD,
Please check your emails. I want to come diving in the fall...

Scott The Fyre Guy

PS - Malibu Kid is here in the office with me here in Dj. He passes on his best.