Monday, 27 August 2007

The Whole Tooth and Nothing But

This is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the incorrigible.
On Friday morning of last week two of my chums, we’ll call ‘em Bill and Ben, kindly took me to the f-FDTL barracks at Metinaro for some dental work. After receiving my treatment one of the chums took me over to see the salt-water crocs the army have in an enclosure. As we approached in our distinctive coloured shirts the big male (see picture) slithered out of his pond, rushed over to the flimsy wire fence, growled, opened his absolutely bloody huge mouth and rested his lower jaw on the fence. Bill, who had his car key in his hand, reached through the wire and extracted a loose tooth (see picture) that was half hanging out. The croc gave a satisfied sigh, closed his mouth and slithered back into his pond. I think Bill must have been having a bit of a Zen moment, because he looked down at the tooth and said “bloody hell, did I just do what I think I just did?”
He truly bloody did. I saw him.

Croc tooth (left) and dog tooth

One of the chums (Bill, left) and croc.


Kasia said...

I miss Timor Lorosae :)

Anonymous said...

So the croc rested its jaw and opened its mouth so Bill could prise out its tooth and then it sighed...the croc SIGHED!!!!!!
...well, I have never doubted the accuracy of the Xanana Republic Gazette and am not about to do so now. However, whatever pills/medication/herbals you chaps hapen to be on, I want some....!!!!!!
-Long time reader, Oz

Anonymous said...

You are aboutt to be blessed with the presence of Alexander Downer tomorrow, 30 August, on Timor Leste's historic anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Weird but true. If only we had an understanding doctor we could get some medication.

Anonymous said...

Bill wasn't the one who did your dental work was he? Come on, tell the truth, that was one of your 'wisdom' teeth surely... Come on the All Blacks!

fat old sod said...

Actually, I went to the dentist to have a couple of wisdom teeth put in.

Anonymous said...

Bill do you need assistant for brush the croc teth? just would like to pay for anyone if they want to be your assisant.
i have budget $1.000 US/week for 1 year. please let me know if anyone like to be Bill assistant and just clean the croc mouth and teth.?