Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Time Is Relative

Overheard on my verrandah this week (twice!)

Q: "What time is it?"

A: "What, now?"



Davo said...

Um, scrabbling around in scrambled brain .. Oh yes "Time, you old gypsy man.. " .. heh.

(and by the way, am considering putting this site into my "Other perspectives" Links list. Your permission is not relevant.. heh)

Anonymous said...

speaking of time, now might be quite historic because there is a growing and informed view that Timor Leste has, at last, seen the worst of the violence....everybody's had enough of it. The greedy political elite in Dili can no longer rally hordes of hot heads to fuel the violence.
Viva Timor Leste!
-Well informed observer, Oz (who cares a lot about the wonderful Timorese).

Anonymous said...

Q. Time, what is it?

fat old sod said...

I've already stuck you on my links list without even telling you, let alone asking permission. How relevant is that? Mate!

Anonymous said...

This is a little reminiscent of a phone conversation I had with FOS recently...

Me - Mate, we're just out the front across the road. Wanna come over?

FOS - Okay then, where abouts are you????