Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Raining Cats and Dogs. I Just Stepped in a Poodle.

A friend recently contacted me to let me know that he thought it unfair that I only show a picture of one of my dogs on this blog. So, as a one off, here are some pictures of my other dogs.

The patchwork brown and white dog is Bandit. He is a very morose dog. We think this is due to severe trauma whilst in the womb (you know who you are Gazontapede). He also has a bad front right leg due to him trying to eat it off.
The red dog cooling his balls on the white tiles is Sickboy. He was born with parvo, got over that, then got run over by a Pajero (mine) and broke his hip and then he had distemper. A very sweet dog with a tendency to give you an all-over wash. Doris you know. A 'barky' little dog with a lovely temprement. Unless you are in uniform and/or carrying a gun.

Doris, Sickboy and Bandit

Bandit and Sickboy, brothers.

Bandit with a bad leg, Sicky cooling his 'aggots and Doris looking on.



Anonymous said...

You really do have beautiful children. Great to seem them now immortalised on the super highway
Well done!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to open a Chinese restaurant in there?