Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Small Earthquake In Chile. Not Many Hurt.

Well, what a week it’s been for us media junkies.
On the same day and at the same time I managed to get copies of both THE Dili Weekly’ and ‘Guide Post Magazine’. The next 17 minutes were pure bliss as I inhaled the contents of both publications.
Headline of the year, anywhere, goes to ‘THE Dili Weekly’ for:
“Liquica OK aside from murders, rapes, witchcraft accusations”.
The article then goes on to describe a normal(ish) month in an East Timorese town. I’ll retype the article here if there is any demand.
Once again there are some (in my view) excellent (and not so excellent) editorials in the ‘paper. For my reader who lives in Dili I cannot recommend the ‘paper highly enough. Anyone out there want to give them a charitable hand on a website? OK, there are some typos and other mistakes but we have to give them a break. They are saying stuff that some of us here would like to say but daren’t. More power to them. Rant over. For the time being.
In the ‘Guide Post Magazine’ feature story I see there were
Ambivalent views over (Mahatma) Gandhi killer”.
I didn’t even know he was dead. That’s what I like about ‘Guide Post’; News when it happens. Also, and this is very low of me, check the competition in the editorial and then make sure you take a close look at the picture of the ‘Top Cop’.

Have you been reading about ‘Hercules’, the notorious one eyed, one armed Timorese gangster from Jakarta? Why ‘Hercules’? Surely he should be called ‘Nelson’?

Talking of complete and utter bullshit, did anyone see the ABC ‘Foreign Correspondent’ piece the other night about ‘gangland’ Dili? Another ABC insight into East Timor, written on the ‘plane over here and filmed to fit the pre-conceived script. Total bollocks. I can assure anyone who saw the film that the Timorese guy most heavily featured in it is sorry that he had anything to do with it. I personally witnessed him metaphorically whipping himself in contrition last night.


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