Friday, 16 November 2007

Flights Of Fancy?

The Following is taken from ABC Radio Australia

Baggage handlers and check-in staff at East Timor's international airport are considering interrupting commercial flights between Australia and Dili as part of an employment dispute.The staff employed by Total Aviation Services are demanding extra pay for servicing charter flights operated by the Patricks Corporation.A spokesman for the baggage handlers, Alex Pereira, says if something isn't done about their employer within a week they are considering interrupting flights, including flights operated by Air North from Darwin

You have to feel sorry for the poor sods. I mean, two flights a day from Darwin, with at least 30 passengers on each will wear anybody out.



Anonymous said...

For the dollars that those poor "sods" are getting monthly compared with what the handlers in Australia get, I believe that their request is more than reasonable. Apart from that they have been burnt by an Australia named Tony Penna regarding their pay! Could you shed any light on this Mr Penna?
Cha Na Na

Anonymous said...

bring the kids back, they were enthusiastic

Anonymous said...

The kids are enthusiastic because Malaes' pay them more per day than all of the airport staff combined!
Who the hell is Penna anyway?

fat old sod said...

Well, that seems to have triggered a lively debate. Keep it coming. Oh, and yes, just who the hell is Tony Penna?

Anonymous said...

Tony Penna was a manager/owner(?) of Total Stealing Services, sorry Total Aviation Services! Where is he? Why did he run away? Ask those baggage kids!
Cha na na