Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Shell Shock

So, come on, who’s buying this stuff? I can’t believe any Timorese is going to pay $20.00 for a turtle shell. The only people that are going to buy this are Malae. There is a maximum $50,000 and/or up to 5 years in jail (with time off for medical treatment in Malaysia) for buying or selling corals or turtle shell or turtle shell products. Before we had our bit of trouble last year the PNTL and MAFF were very good at explaining to Timorese the consequences of buying and selling this stuff. Obviously priorities have changed a bit since then, so it’s up to the Malae NOT to buy it. We all watch Discovery channel, Animal Planet and all the rest. We know we shouldn’t buy it. So, if anyone reading this is buying it; BLOODY WELL STOP IT NOW and if you know of anyone buying it, tell them to STOP! By the way, the stall pictured above is the one just before the Hera turnoff on the beach road.

You know it makes sense.



timordiver said...

Please, please, please, support this. I saw 7 turtle shells for sale in 3 different locations yesterday. That's 7 dead turtles! I know how much all of you divers out there love seeing them underwater. If this isnt controlled then we will have a serious problem with our turtle population. It's up to the Malai to stop buying them. If there is no money in it then the Timorese will stop selling them

Timor Diver

Anonymous said...

Not buying the shells might stop folks selling them but it probably won't stop them catching them. From what I've seen there's a healthy market in turtle meat. If you want a shock I recommend walking up into the forest behind the beach at Tutuala; amongst the hundreds of dumped drinks cans and plastic bottles are (or were) some very large turtle shells.

Pot Noodle

fat old sod said...

Dear Pot Noodle. Thanks for the comments. Presently members of MAFF are addressing the turtle hunting issue with local fishermen. Unfortunately I don't belive that the fishermen concerned actually read my blog, although I do know that Malae in ET do read it and the post was addressed to them or their colleagues who DO buy this stuff.