Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Power To The People

Well, here it is folks, the piece of machinery we all love to hate. Below is the reason for those tired red eyes, unshaven faces and quick tempers. Apparently we are getting a bunch of new ones from Indonesia, along with about 25 technicians to keep the things going. Personally I’d say send in blokes with names like ‘Rocket’, ‘Cookie’ and ‘Mr. Generator’ and get the job done for just three slabs of VB.

Too easy, no worries, she’ll be right!!


Anonymous said...

What kind of machine is that a photo of?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that's not a big genset, I'll tend it for two slabs, but Tiger. Why would you want to imbibe second rate Victorian beer imported from Darwin?!
They will need dozens of those buggers to power Dili. Or do the 25 Indonesian techs have pedal power duties as well?

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you give the beer to the boys AFTER the results!