Thursday, 17 April 2008

I'll Be Back!

Well, what a great day it’s been. The return of JRH and the weather isn’t bad either.
Up at the airport at 0700 for the big day. Got there and the place was virtually empty. Handed over some ID and got a piece of plastic that allowed us entry to the airport. Nothing much has changed at the airport really, it was hot, crowded, smelly and very very boring. So I left and went outside to see what was happening. In about 30 minutes the place had changed. There were now at least 5000 people outside, cars and 4WD’s everywhere and a few weapons and very loud whistles as well.
JRH gave a press conference at which he was quite (understandably) emotional. It seemed he didn’t like the SBS documentary last night. Everyone’s a bloody TV critic nowadays. As one colleague said, ‘JRH looked frail but tense, which could be a metaphor for the country really’. You read it here first!
So, airport done, race off to the Pres. Res. for pictures of the Man returning to the scene of the crime. Very very emotional. Lots of people there, marching bands, local costumes, PNTL and GNR being very brave (and about 9 weeks late) and the Man himself walking from the T-junction up to his house. It must have been quite traumatic for him, seeing the site where he was gunned down for the first time and having to listen to the crap music at the same time. A TV mate got a couple of hits from the GNR and the PNTL which JRH witnessed and apologized for. Personally, I know why the GNR guy hit him. The GNR chap was (typically) about 5foot 2inches tall whereas the TV cameraman is around the 9foot mark. A classic case of ‘Napoleon syndrome’ I think. Plus we were very near the ‘Caz Bar’ so the GNR testosterone level must have been quite high.
I’ll leave it there now with a couple of extra comments.

I’ve noticed that the road from Pig Bridge to JRH’s place is now called “Avenue April 17th”. Fair enough. But it took less than 6 days to create “Avenue April 17th” so why the fuck couldn’t it have been done in the previous 6 years? Obviously the labour, money and incentive have been available, so why hasn’t somebody asked the present and past Minister’s in charge of roads what the hell they have been doing since May 20th 2002?
I also think we should leave JRH alone for a while to let him recover, get over the emotional shock of returning to the place where he was gunned down and also let him consolidate his position a bit now he has been re-sworn as Prez.
I reckon we might be looking forward to a couple of ‘interesting’ months on the East Timorese political scene. Let’s hope so.

Running shoes from east and west East Timor wait to greet the President.

A normal sized chap about to get a slap from 3 short-arsed bastards

Looking good Mr. President


(or rather, they didn't miss)


kasia said...

Hope you donned your best flip-flops for the event. I'm glad he's back, and I'm also happy to see you back online.

Anonymous said...

"PNTL and GNR being very brave (and about 9 weeks late)" ???

Who were the first ones to assist RH when he got shot? Where were UNPOL and the ADF? If it wasn´t for the GNR, RH would have bled to death.
Get your story right.

As for the cameraman, napoleon syndrome or no napoleon syndrome, he was told to back off plenty of times. He didn´t get the message, he got what he deserved (considering the nature of the news he was covering).

fat old sod said...

Dear anonymous.
You are SO right. The GNR were the first to assist the President when he got shot. The fact remains he did get shot. So, about 9 weeks late is still correct.
As for the cameraman getting hit. I assume from your comment you were there. I agree entirely with you on that one. He was warned, he obviously didn't get the message and deserved to get hit. In fact I would go further and say that they should have shot him. And all the other journalists there. Scumbags the lot of 'em. Shouldn't be allowed. Bloody journalists, interfering when someone's human rights are being violated. String 'em all up I say. Although the President wouldn't agree with me. After all he did come and apologise to the cameraman for the quite laudable behaviour of the GNR and PNTL. But what does he know anyway?
So again anonymous, I apologise for anything I write/say that you may disagree with. Please let me know in future if there is anything you don't lik and I will immediately drop everything else and see to your complaint. Probably. You short-arsed bastard. Probably.

Knackers said...

Poor anonymous is obviously GNR or being fucked by a GNR trooper to think that the cameraman in question deserved what he got -The problem with thick necked policemen is that they have no sense of history , of occaision do you thinl that his excelency was walking up that road for his fucking health you moron?
He was doing it for the cameras that were being pushed out of the way by those beret wearing fuckwits!
As for being the first to attend the GNR let his excelency bleed for 30 minutes while they got their Pecs in order.