Monday, 21 April 2008

More Odds 'N Sods

I’ve decided I’m going to swear a bit more on this blog. I think it needs it.

Heard Down The Pub Yesterday
"Mate, can you take your grenade out of the car before we go in the pub?"

Also Down The Pub (To the tune of 'Hello Muddah, Hello Fadah')
Hello Hector
How’s it going?
How they hanging?
What you knowing?

Goodbyeeeeee Tobias. You will be missed. But then I’ve always said that about you.

The Other Side Of The Coin
I know occasionally I might seem to be slightly unsympathetic to various members of the PNTL, F-FDTL, GNR etc. etc. so here is a little story to put things into balance.
The other night down my local watering hole two of the staff, both Timorese, one male and the other female had an absolutely huge blue. Obscene words were shouted, blows were exchanged and many tears were shed. The fight was very very loud and went on for a long time. The female side of the fight wanted to call in the police and her husband so things could have gone quite bad for the male side. The police (five PNTL) rocked up as did the husband. Very tense situation. Two PNTL officers sat down with the fighters and the husband and talked very calmly and at length with the offended parties. After a long and non-acrimonious discussion the PNTL sorted everything very nicely. Nobody was arrested, nobody was hit and the cops remained calm and friendly during the whole thing. So, slap my wrists and wash my mouth out with soap if I say anything bad about any of the security organizations in the future. Well, for the next day or two anyway.

Eight hundred thousand dollars eh? I might apply to be a Major in the F-FDTL if that’s how good the wages are.

If you see this car driving around Dili (check the licence plate), stay well clear because the driver is a fucking menace. And to think he is carrying a loaded weapon as well.

Prince Albert
Apart from some very dodgy genital piercing what has Prince Albert ever done for us eh?



Knackers said...

I was at the airport when the gulf stream of the airforce of the principality of Monaco landed and I could hear bells when he walked down the red carpet with the X Man,
1 question , Was the red carpet recycled from JRH's arrival?
If so ,it is one of the reasons I love Timor Leste!
See previous post - I like to swear as well!

fat old sod said...

Actually the driver was from The Gambia. And the remarks re Prince Albert referred to a former Prince Albert, of Saxe-Coburg Gotha. Do you not realise this is a blog? Not a newspaper and not meant to be taken seriously (mostly)?

Anonymous said...

Speak for your self, FOS. Dodgy or not, my favorite Prince has done a lot for me in recent years. ;)

Love and well-wishes to you and the misses...and to my prince too if you see him.