Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Random Stuff

Well, I just got my copy of The Dili Weekly and once again it was well worth the wait.
Headline of the week, page 2, has to be: Catholics Celebrate Easter. Well they would wouldn't they.
The editorials are consistently superb although I think the combination of large cojones and decent brains could be a dangerous thing. I suspect there are some people out there who are already thinking of trying to get the paper closed down. Again, I’d say to anyone living and/or working in Dili, get advertising with The Dili Weekly. The more money they receive, the stronger they will be.
They also have an item called ‘Police blotter’ which is a round-up of the arrests and
incidents of the previous week. This week they had to have a ‘rider’ which stated the
following: “
The Dili Weekly asks that people realize the national police, from whom the
newspaper gets its daily reports, say they have been too busy to meet with our journalists
to give us reports. They say they are totally occupied in the hunt for Salsinha
I was wondering if it might be a good idea for the UN or some other body to assist the
PNTL and the f-FDTL by teaching them about media relations. And maybe throw in a
dedicated pro-bono human rights advisor while they are at it.

Talking of Salsinha, I suspect the guy is waiting until JRH is back in the country before giving himself up. I also suspect the JOC suspect/know this. We’ll see.

Apparently the town of Liquica is going to do it’s bit to promote religious tourism.
People there have come up with the scheme of ‘persecution parties’.
Realistic burning of witches is being mooted to promote an influx of religious tourists.
It will be a little like the Fatima procession only hotter.
Liquica residents are fully behind the idea and see it as an economic boon.
Father Jose Quintas dos Santos Ximenes O’Toole said today (1/4/08) “I believe
Our Lord would look upon this action as a devout way to bring money to the community.
Only we in Liquica would have thought of this idea. We are very proud”.
Loron Bosokteen.



Anonymous said...

HA HA very funny! Perhaps some international investor might like to back a new enterprise "Tragic Tours"

Anonymous said...

Mr SOD can we import "wtches" to be burnt. A couple of my ex wives maybe suitable

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr and Mrs Sod,

Can you update us please? We miss your commentary and it's been 10 days!



kasia said...

Yes, please update now...