Friday, 25 April 2008

It All Makes Sense Now

You know, I think we may have got it all wrong. After my initial disgust, anger and abject disappointment over the Presidential ‘amnesty’ for Rogerio Lobato and 80 other convicted criminals I was too upset to write anything about it because I thought that I might be a bit too vitriolic. Now I’ve had time to calm down and consider the Presidents kind offer I realise we probably all got it wrong in the first place.
Ex Interior Minister Lobato was completely misquoted in the original investigation. He did not in fact say “Kill them all, kill them all”. In keeping with his devout socialist/Fretilin principles he actually said “Kill the mall, kill the mall”. As some of you may remember the LANDMARK supermarket/mall was in the process of being opened at the time and I believe that convicted criminal ex Minister Lobato was actually trying to save East Timor from the evils of capitalist consumerism. Good for him. Convicted due to a simple typographical error. Disgraceful. I hope all of Dili turns out for his return as we did for Ramos Horta last week. Welcome back Rogerio, your country needs you. I also hope Fretilin ignores the fact that he is a convicted criminal and offers him High Office within the party machine. I’m sure they will.

"Kill the mall, kill the mall" - The offending mall

Of course, if you are a Dili truck driver you might not be so happy to see the return of this gun-toting (allegedly) pistol-whipping (supposedly) thug (definitely). I know I wouldn’t.


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