Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Beer 'N Stuff

Squatters quest for a bottle of Lion or Buffalo beer has set me to thinking.
Most countries in this part of the world have their own locally brewed beers which can be very nice. For example, we’ve got Singha, Tiger and of course, Bintang. From what I understand about Bintang, the Dutch (Heineken) helped the Indonesians in the initial brewing of Bintang and turned out a very nice drop.
What if the Portuguese, who also brew a couple of nice beers (I find Super Bock a very acceptable breakfast beer, if a little ‘girly’) helped the Timorese to brew a nice local beer? The beer could be sold at a reasonable price, thus encouraging foreign tourists to come here. “Mate, you gotta try that Timorese brew, its only 80cents a bottle and it does the job”.
But what would we call it? ‘Rock?’, ‘Stone?’ ‘Arrow Beer?’. Suggestions on a postcard please to: fatoldsod, 3rd rock fight on the left, Dili.

Which brings me to

‘N Stuff
A couple of friends have recently mooted the idea of turning East Timor in to one vast Marijuana crop. Now, before you start typing outraged comments, think about it.
There are pro’s and con’s.
The main ‘con’ would be that the U.S. would cut off all aid to East Timor with the Australians and Brits quickly following suit. But, what they hey, we are raking in 100 million bucks a month with the oil and gas so who needs the aid?
The pros: The cuisine would improve immensely, the music too. Most of the local scrotes would be lying in the streets looking for a bar of chocolate and singing Bob Marley songs.
I mean, when was the last time a hippy threw a rock at your car?


Wendy said...

Don't know what happenened it is again
Wendy said...
hi there, I just posted to Squatter's blog, and didn't want you to feel left here I am making a post to yours. Hope it makes your day!! ;-)
As an old "hippie" living in the bush, I certainly think dope is preferable to grog...but I don't think either are the answer to ET's probs.
and re "scrotes" - I presume they are the young layabouts/gang members that frequent Dili's streets - am I right? - just never heard the term before...

fat old sod said...

The beer and dope comments are partly tongue in cheek. We've got to have a little humour here. What do you think are the answers to ET's problems?
'Scrotes' is a pommy word for, as you say, layabouts/gang members. Used frequently on 'The Bill'.

Wendy said...

Thanks for that clarification. My husband is an avid Bill-watcher, but I prefer "Little Britain"!!! As for the answer to ET's problems...I certainly am no expert, and don't presume to know the answers!! I wonder sometimes though, if it would not just be better for all the foreigners to leave and let the locals fight it out. Like in Iraq, I think maybe the problems are internal, and the American presence (and British and Aussies too) is just making it worse. I know there is a lot of good being done in ET by the melais (I was there in Jan this year) but ...hey...whose idea was it to put the traffic lights in...not the Timorese, I'm sure!!!

Wendy said...

by the way, I meant to ask you what you think is the solution, or solutions (if any??)
feather in cap of fatoldsod - Mark Bowling from ABC has been reading you blog - now that should cheer you up!!