Thursday, 15 February 2007

St. Valentines Gay Massacre

Oh what a night!
Am just now, around 6pm’ish, getting over the hangover from last night. And what a night. The Venture Hotel held a St. Valentines Day Gay fashion parade.
We arrived at the hotel at around 7pm for dinner first and then the fun. Entry was ticket only, five bucks and 2 sangria’s gratis. The sangria was very acceptable. After a nice feed next to the swimming pool we repaired to the main event.
Around 9 of the clock the first of the ‘models’ paraded along the catwalk. And what beautiful 'girls' they were. All shapes and sizes, hair-do’s and outfits. The 'ladies' had obviously put a lot of thought, time and effort into their get-up’s because each 'lady' was on the catwalk a minimum of 3 times. There was everything from fun 60’s style mini skirts and boots, evening wear, combat wear, stuff to wear to a funeral (very practical) and wedding dresses.
Everybody had a fantastic time and I think a few Timorese eyes were opened. As well as the effort that the girls expended I can only commend their courage in 'coming out' at night in these somewhat difficult times.
A big thankyou to Nene, who runs the Venture for giving everyone such a wonderful time. Hopefully I’ll work out how to put some pictures of the event on this blog.

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