Friday, 16 February 2007

Safe In Their Hands

A few selected items taken from the UNPOL (United Nations Police) security briefing published every(?) day on their website.

Make up your own minds...................

UNPOL: Daily Security Briefing February 14, 2007
In Taci Tolu, during the afternoon, a group of two hundred people got involved in a rock fight. The group dispersed on police arrival and the situation returned to normal. During the incident, a man had his microlet stolen.

UNPOL: Daily Security Briefing January 31, 2007
On 27 January 2007, in a ceremony held at UIR Compound at Hudi-Laran, in Dili, the Prime Minister, Dr. Ramos-Horta, told the officers not to be scared to act against the people creating violence and destabilizing the country for fear of human rights abuse accusations. Ramos-Horta said if anyone criticizes them of human rights abuse they should directly speak to him.
He added that he personally requested UNMIT to speed up the re-integration of UIR and that the officers would be entitled to carry long weapons and pistols. Minister of Interior Alcino Barris also informed that soon PNTL Transit Unit would be reactivated.
UNPOL: Daily Security Briefing Jan. 26, 2007
In Dili, the modalities of violence have changed significantly, for instance, the suspects throw stones and disappear from the scene when the UNPOL comes in. This situation cannot be solved just through the means usually applied by UNPOL. Therefore, it’s necessary to find new ways of dealing with this problem and the Community can help the Police to capture the suspects by providing information to arrest them. So, in order to ensure sustainability of the good results achieved it would be great that all citizens could cooperate with the Police to give an adequate answer to the increasing needs of security.

UNPOL: Daily Security Briefing January 25, 2007
When people feel that they are under threat, they are not to hesitate to request assistance through UNPOL National operations Centre: 112 or 7230365. UNPOL are quickly on the scene, and upon their arrival the troublemakers responsible for the disturbance usually quickly disperse.

UNPOL: Daily Security Briefing January 23-24, 2007
Police Roadblocks: UNPOL is planning to start in the near future traffic operations to re-establish the Law and order on the streets of Timor-Leste. Our Objective is to increase the road safety by insuring the integrity of people and goods traveling on Timorese roads. Therefore, after several awareness campaigns with friendly advising from the Traffic agents, UNPOL is going to increase the Law enforcement, through roadblocks and Police measures to apply the regulations and Laws of Timor-Leste, especially concerning drivers that are not qualified with drivers license. UNPOL will also take action to apply the regulations prohibiting the use of vehicles without Identification Plates or people traveling on the roof, in order to prevent the growing number of road accident casualties.

UNPOL: Daily Security Briefing January 17, 2007
We remind you Police is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call the police through the toll free number 112 or 7230365.
And don't forget to clarify always the following:
-what (happened, is happening or will happen),
-where (street name or quickly understandable points of reference such as stores, churches, official buildings, etc),
-when (past, on going, today, sometime in the future),
-how (weapons or violence involved),
-who (number of people involved and groups/ suspects names),
Feel comfortable to state your personal identity and address, so that we can follow your case with accuracy. Confidentially is granted.

UNPOL: Daily Security Briefing January 8, 2007
We remind you that Police is available 24/7. Please do collaborate by informing any suspect act or any situation which will prevent a crime, also any misbehave. Please help us to make the community a safer place.

Sunday, December 31, 2006
The situation has remained calm in the rest of the districts and in Dili. We advise people to enjoy their New Year eve without excessive drinking. If you drink don't drive, cause it's not only your life you're putting at risk.
The UNPol wishes you a very happy New Year. This has been a daily broadcast of the UN Police in Timor-Leste, for the people of Timor-Leste

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