Tuesday, 27 February 2007


The local scrotes have just been drinking outside the house. Once they were pissed they decided to rock some vehicles. The 1st three car rockings went off OK. Unfortunately for the scrotes the 4th car had an off duty UNPol inside, armed. They rocked him, he stopped and fired four shots from his Glock into the air. Scrotes quickly dispersed. Way to go. We need more affirmative action like this.


Teresa Encarnação said...

Here's a comment for you, LOL! I would have loved to see that scene. I am a human rights person - as NGO people are usually called - but can not disagree from your observation. If no one tries to show that those guys must have some respect for people / expatriates trying to help (re)building the country - just like they want to be respected - they'll keep doing it. At some point the situation will just not be sustainable. Keep up with ur very cool blog! T

fat old sod said...

Why, thank you kindly ma'am.

(said in an Elvis/cowboy accent)