Wednesday, 21 February 2007

A Busy Day

Well, today seems to be very busy in Dili. We are getting ‘phone and SMS reports from a number of people about rock-throwing and fighting all over town. One friend has just had his car rocked at the Pertamina market, just up the road from us. Another is reporting that at least 3 food establishments have been trashed on City Café road and yet another is reporting that the boys seem to be targeting UN, NGO and Malae vehicles.
The area between the Comoro bridge and the airport roundabout is also making the news with rival gangs having a right old ding-dong out there.
Luckily(?) for me I was up early this morning, (following a pretty drunken evening) taking my car to the doctors to have its brakes fixed and anything else that might be wrong with it. Hence, I can’t go out on the streets at the moment, which is probably a good thing anyway.
Am meant to be going night-diving at Dili Rock (Tasi Tolo) tonight but it looks like it might be cancelled because we will have to drive through 2 of the areas mentioned above. Ah well, looks like the Bintang route again tonight.

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Teresa Encarnação said...

:) How I remember those sms reaching by mobile phone by the dozen everyday. Nice blog, keep it up! T