Friday, 16 February 2007

Weapons of Dog Destruction (WDD's)

The lovely little device pictured here is an Ambon arrow or ‘Rama Ambon’. This is just one of the weapons the chaps here use when they indulge in a little horse-play around town. These things are fired from catapaults or slingshots or Shanghai’s, depending on whether you are speaking English, American or Australian.
The rumour is that the tips are dipped in noxious substances such as battery acid, human doo-doo or any other nasty stuff.
The one pictured was extracted from the front shoulder of one of my dogs (pictured, with arrows) who was shot through our fence one night last week. The poor dog had to walk around with it hanging out of her for a day until the vet. could come, make the wound slightly bigger and extract the thing. We havn’t found the culprit yet but suspect small boys. In a way I hope we do not find out who did it. As you can imagine this made me very very angry.
The dog is fine. She took it in her stride. Oh, and another one hit her in the ear.


Anonymous said...
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Kim Glenn said...

I know Doris, the dog, to have a very forgiving nature. Somehow, this makes me even angrier and more unforgiving against the perpetrators. I've gotta work on that.