Thursday, 8 March 2007


It is with regret that I am closing this blog to 'anonymous' comments for the time being.
It is still easy to post comments with a google sign in. Anyone can get one. It just takes a couple of minutes. Just follow the instructions on the screen.


cj said...

I hope you haven't had too much hassle from those comments. We also need to remember that anyone in Dili could be reading the blogs. Many local people are also hungry for news and word gets around.

I have written a few things about my last days in Dili (flying out in just over 24 hours)

fat old sod said...

Thanks for the comment cj. The blog can still be read, even by 'anonymous'.
Do you mind if I link your site on mine?

FOS aka Misfit Malai

cj said...

Yeah, that's fine, except that everyone will have to accept that right now I'm in Darwin and will back in Christchurch, NZ in 24 hours time, so no more news about Dili! (grin)