Sunday, 4 March 2007

For The Record

OK, let's get a few things straight.
1. There are NO tanks in East Timor. The vehicles the Australians are using are APC's
(Armoured Personnel Carriers).
They are what the name implies. A big armoured vehicle designed to take troops into battle zones.
A tank is basically a mobile canon. An APC is a troop carrier. I have even read in the 'respected' Australian media that tanks are here. They are not. A tank is a tank is a tank. An APC is NOT a tank.
2. Yes, there was some crap going down in Dili last night. Some shooting, some running
around, same old same old. Dili is very quiet right now for a Sunday. Most people are keeping their heads down.
3. The President's address on the radio is delayed.
4. Still awaiting word on the Reinado situation........

ps - whilst I very much appreciate and welcome comments, please do not put anything in Pork and Cheese. It brings me out in a rash.


Anonymous said...

Timor-online reported that reinado was wounded & captured last night, but The Age says xanana told reporters today that he had escaped. Perhaps he's cooling in the back of an APC, and the govt. doesn't want to make him a martyr. Since English is my first & only language, I had Google translate the Porto text in timor-online. Do keep up the english reporting! Worried Mama

fat old sod said...

Gdday mama. I have it on good authority that 4 Timorese were killed in the action in Same last night, Alfredo escaped.
Now read on.....................

Anonymous said...

FYI: The word for Portuguese, which was translated by babelfish as capture, has nuiances to it. It could be there way of saying cornered, trapped, etc.

JG said...

Dear Katuas Bukurteen,

It happens that Pork and Cheese media have different and sometimes more informed sources than the "Meat Pie" media. Just a fact of life! I was just trying to share the news as it was reported, and the news cycles are different in Portugal and Australia.

Out of respect for your allergy, I will only post translations from now on. (But honestly, as a Portuguese and English speaker, I think the whole language thing reeks of a "new" Cold War in Timor. Let's give it a rest.)

fat old sod said...
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