Sunday, 11 March 2007

Nothing To Report

It’s been a funny couple of days. Everything appears to be back to ‘normal’ which in itself feels strange. The shops are open, people are back on the streets and most of the bars and restaurants have been open in the evening. A lot of people are putting this down to the fact that the f-FDTL are back on the streets and the boys know that you don’t mess with them. This could be true.
A couple of interesting snippets from yesterdays ‘Timor Post’.:
The Minister of Justice has said that if prison guards have helped prisoners escape from prison they will go to prison.
And the Department of Water and Sanitation has had to place an ad. asking people not to beat up, threaten or throw rocks at its employees whilst they go about their business in Dili digging ditches for the new water pipes.
I find that very sad.
Talking of Water and Sanitation, whilst ‘de-stressing’ (thanks Squatter) the other evening in a local ‘de-stressing’ salon the talk got around to bravery and courage and its many manifestations. I offered the following anecdote:
Last May, from about the 20th onwards, a lone old chap was digging a ditch outside our house ready for the installation of the new water pipes. His only tool was a 1metre long piece of metal. The ditch was absolutely perfect, straight and true. On the 24th May, in the morning, while the old guy was digging his ditch a major gun battle erupted on the street. We rushed out to the old boy and tried to get him to come in to our place for his own safety. He refused. All he did was roll himself a big fat smelly durrie and his ditch then became a trench. He lay down, smoked the durrie and had a nap while the bullets were flying over his head. After about an hour, when the shooting had stopped, he got up and resumed digging the ditch. He came back for the next 3 days until his ditch was dug.!
Its people like him that make me love this country.


cj said...

In at least one south american country, the prison guards have to fill the escaped prisoner(s) sentance if the 'escape' is a successful one.
I gather that it is one guard per escaped prisoner.
Poetic and practical I think. Anyone have connection at the Ministry of Justice?

Scott said...

Have been reading your posts for several weeks now and wish I was back there with you. You're right about how many of the younger generation seem to be missing both the brains and testicles to make the changes needed to get the country back on track.
Scott The FireGuy...
PS - thanks to your instruction, I've now got pictures of fish butts from around the globe...