Thursday, 15 March 2007

Specialist Subject ? - The Bleeding Obvious !

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From: Timor Online, 15th March 2007

UNMIT – MEDIA MONITORING – Thursday, 15 March 2007
National Media Reports.
Some Leaders Supporting Violence.
Clementino dos Reis Amaral, the Vice President of Committee B for Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security Section of NNP said that violence in Dili is supported by some leaders. Information gathered in Bairopite indicated that the area remained calm when the ISF is on duty, yet when they leave young men ‘inflame’ the situation. It is suspected that there are some people supporting the youth for their individual and political interests and blaming others. Amaral said in some areas the youth have begun to behave peacefully and forgive each other through the oath in church. They promise that they will not contribute to the violence. (Well, that’s alright then).

Leandro Being Targeted by ISF, Involved in Alfredo’s Activities.
The ISF raid is not targeted only at Alfredo and his members, but also towards Leandro Isaac, an NP member who is directly involved in the activities of Alfredo. Leandro is suspected for his direct involvement before the raid in Same on Sunday (04/3) on Alfredo and his members. “I do not know where I am now, people brought me here,” said Leandro. “I still have contact with Alfredo through my messengers,” added Leandro from his hidden place. (TP)

Brig. Mal Rerden does not support Dialogue with Alfredo.
The ISF will not succeed in capturing Alfredo because he has many supporters since he (Alfredo) is the only one who fights for the truth and justice,” Fernando Dias Gusmão, an NP member from PSD side said. (TP)

The Church is Studying Government Proposal of Contacting Alfredo.
The Catholic Church is still looking for ways of solving Alfredo’s problem before the presidential election. The church realized that Alfredo’s problem is complicated, so it should have a different point of view and gather different opinions to help solve the problem. Dom Alberto Ricardo da Silva, Bishop of Dili Diocese, said that the organs of sovereignty, the Church and all the people should try their best in the limited time to solve Alfredo’s problem before the presidential election. (TP)


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Lindsay said...

Back in Melbourne, the goings on in Dili seem so far away and surreal. But it's great to keep up with what's happening via your blog as well as Dili-gence. Keep your head down and say hi to Mrs Sod.