Thursday, 22 March 2007

Back To The Future?

Was I getting too complacent with the last post? Nothing happens for days and then it all seems to go off at the same time:

Sec tree. 1914hrs. all staff please avoid COMORO rd ivo Australian embassy.
Sec tree. 1945hrs. All staff members avoid Fatuhada due to fighting until further notice.
NGO Sec tree. 2018hrs. All staff pls avoid pertamina ivo plan compound. Cars being stoned by intoxicated youths.
NGO Sec tree. 2115hrs. All staff pls avoid Bario Pite area near banana rd junction. Fighting. UNPOL on scene.
NGO Sec tree. 2130hrs. – all staff avoid Bario Pite area. Shots fired. Police trying to manage large violent group.
All staff avoid Bairo Pite junction due to fighting.
Sec tree. 2150. All staff members avoid Bario Pite Junction to Banana road due to large scale fighting going on.

(ivo = In Vicinity Of)

Its funny, but nothing happens for a while, then all of a sudden it goes off all over the place. We are wondering if this is organised or do the boys SMS each other when the fights are big and the fear just goes around and escalates everything all over the place?



Jerry said...

Thanks FOS for the update. Keep them coming. Things have been so relatively quiet, I was beginning to think the troubles were over. Alas.

I loved your last posting - that certainly is Timor in a nutshell. Your love & hope for your country shines through.
Worried (again) Mama

Kate said...

Not good news. Did the warisboring guy get in touch?


fat old sod said...

Don't worry so much mama. For us non-Timorese its really not so bad. So long as we don't go looking for it we are really fairly safe.

Kate - he did. I'm meeting up with him in April. Understand we'll be seeing you soon. I'm glad.