Friday, 2 March 2007

Bored Now

After last nights anti-climax, what with being awake most of the time worrying about what might happen, making sure the run bags were packed and near to hand, calming the dogs etc etc. today has been very quiet. Drove around town doing a few errands and all seemed very calm. The only thing we have heard so far is an SMS telling us that some boys were fighting around the rice warehouses just past the Pertamina wharf and best to keep away from there. The local scrotes who were rocking cars on Tuesday night are back outside getting drunk again. They have been wonderfully conspicuous by their absence for the past 2 days following the off duty UNPol banging off a couple of shots in the air.
But, the day is still an embryo, who knows what the evening brings. We are out on the town tonight so a drunken post might be in order later.
The situation re Reinado is still unresolved and I am keeping an eye on that. We heard 4 or 5 large aircraft coming into Dili airport around 11pm and suspect more Australian troops are being brought in. Again, this is only my own speculation and is based on nothing but my own paranoia and scheming little mind. I also suspect the reason that the Australians have not yet moved against him is that fact that the moon is very bright and night-vision equipment would be 'whited out' by the moon, negating any advantage the diggers might have.


Heather W. said...

I'm depending on you to keep me updated on the situation while my hubby's there. Hope things settle down enough for a dive this weekend.

Sort of glad I didn't come what with potential civil war and all, but I sure miss a visit with you all.

I've posted to my blog about your blog so family and friends can follow the situation, too.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff...keep the info coming. By the way, what's your name?

fat old sod said...

Cheers Knackers.
My name is fatoldsod