Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Big Of Him.

E Timor militia leader ready to apologise
By Geoff Thompson
The jailed East Timorese militia commander, Eurico Guterres, says he is prepared to apologise for the violence of 1999, if East Timor guarantees it will accept his apology.
Guterres is currently serving a 10-year sentence for human rights abuses.
Supporters applauded often as Eurico Guterres spoke rapidly, passionately and continuously before another sitting of East Timor and Indonesia's Commission of Truth and Friendship (CTF).
The CTF was warned by the former Aitarak militia commander to prepare for failure because he says human rights abuses in East Timor date back much further than 1999.
Eurico Guterres was embraced by the commission's chairman as he offered an open letter to Indonesia in which he apologised for tarnishing the nation's human rights image, suggesting sarcastically that perhaps he should have supported East Timor's secession and burned the Indonesian flag.

Well, that's alright then.......

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JG said...

yeah, can we shut this thing down yet? or haven't they insulted enough victims yet?

perhaps they should bring in wiranto to sing some tunes for the victims.

i can't avoid sarcasm here.

[spitting with disgust]