Thursday, 8 March 2007

Hotel News

It’s 1909 (7.09pm) and we have just had an SMS to avoid Beach Road between Dili Beach Hotel and Hotel Esplanade. This is a bit difficult for us as we live on the beach road between those two hotels. I’ve just gone out for a quick look and the local scrotes are cutting down palm trees and gathering on the street. The fruit and veg. lady across the road packed very quickly and left. We could be in for another sleepless night. I hope not because it’s getting very boring now. Three UNPol cars have turned up, cruising very slowly and letting their presence be known.
Just for a small insight into how we live here. We NEVER call the UNPols unless there is shooting involved. Every 3rd car that goes past is either UN, NGO or an ex-pat. with a mobile who (we hope) would call in any trouble. The reason for this is that on one occasion last year I called the UNPols when there was some trouble and the next thing we knew there were half a dozen police cars outside with one over-enthusiastic cop shouting at the top of his voice “who’s fatoldsod who called in an incident?” whilst the ‘perps’ were standing there. I told the cop, very loudly, that fatoldsod might be living next door but we had never heard of him. If there is trouble then of course we SMS the Security Tree but if the locals knew we ever called the police we would be burnt out overnight. The only security we have here is our three dogs, who are all as soft as jelly anyway, and our relationship with our neighbours.
After all, we’ve still gotta live here.

p.s. - no date set yet for Lobato's escape from prison.


Teresa Encarnação said...

Hahaha. The P.S. line is very funny. Check out Reuters for the less than inviting News title: "Is East Timor Set to Explode?"

fat old sod said...

Send me a link for the Reuters story Teresa.
I used to work for Reuters for 15 years before I had my mid-life crisis and came here to live.