Monday, 26 March 2007

Polish Friends

This post is for a Polish couple who were in ET last year. If the post is not obviously for you please ignore and I will remove it when I get a reply from my mates.

My dear little ex-communist whey-faced potato eaters. I cannot answer your emails because the address Mataeus gave is NO GOOD. Hotmail will not let me send to that address. You can answer on this blog, if you read it. Hope all is well with you both and that you get to use the Alladin soon.

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kasia said...

My dear Anglo-Saxon Falklands invaders,
so good to hear from you. You're on my safe list now, and you shouldn't have any problems with sending mails. So, again:
it's ( it's all the same) or but the first one is better. I have NO idea what happened, you were never banned or anything like that. Give poor Doris a pat. You see, vegetarians should prevail, noone would hunt your dog then. Kisses!