Monday, 19 March 2007

Sex Blue Cheese

NZ to send more troops to East Timor
By Peter Lewis
New Zealand is to send more troops to East Timor ahead of next month's presidential elections.
It will take the total deployment from across the Tasman to around 200.
Prime Minister Helen Clark says New Zealand will send two Iroquois helicopters along with 32 flight and ground crew to provide additional transport support for United Nations (UN) operations in East Timor.
New Zealand's also sending a more senior officer to command its contingent which will comprise 180 defence force personnel and 25 police working with the UN mission.

I hope we won’t face any language problems. Reminds me of about 5 years ago when we were living in Comoro. We had a lovely Kiwi girl staying with us who one day asked me if she could have “sex blue cheese”. I thought my luck was in but after a while I realized she was asking if she could borrow ‘six blue chairs’.

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cj said...

sigh, a common problem experienced by Austrl..., sorry, West Islanders.
Language difficulties occur in the unlikeliest of places?!