Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Ho Hum....

East Timorese political leaders call for restraint
By Karon Snowdon
There are renewed fears that violence will disrupt East Timor's elections.
Several attacks on individuals have political leaders calling for restraint.
Day five of East Timor's presidential election campaign brought reports of sporadic violence in what appears to be an outbreak of tensions between rival Fretilin party factions.
Victor da Costa, the leader of a breakaway reform faction, was punched by supporters of the main Fretilin party while campaigning for independent presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta.
In a separate incident, a Fretilin rally was disrupted by more than 20 stone-throwing men associated with the militia-style rebel Rai Los, whose accusations against former prime minister and Fretilin secretary-general Mari Alkitiri led to Dr Alkitiri's resignation last year.

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