Wednesday, 14 March 2007

SMS News

“NOG Sec tree, 1250hrs disturbances IVO CARE compound. Bairro Pitte UNPOL on the spot. Avoid the area”

From a member of my staff who lives in Barrio Pitte
“Fighting again in Barrio P. 3 house burn, 5 people injure Rama Ambon”
This guy didn’t come to work today. I don’t blame him.

“NGO Sec tree, 1412hrs. avoid Bario Pitte and Banana road junction, rock fight started. UNPOL on the scene”

“sec tree 1720hrs. rocks being thrown on Comoro rd bridge and leader store. Avoid area”

“NGO Sec tree. New UN security directives in effect with immediate effect: Night movement restrictions fm 2300-0500. No movement during this time except emergencies cleared by FSO! Use of local taxis within DILI allowed for 2 persons or more during daylight only”
This is actually a good one. At least now they can go out for dinner.


Susie said...


Thanks for the great blog. Very troubling to hear about the violence in my old 'hood at the CARE compound and in Bairo Pite in general. Do you know if local staff are still staying in the compound for security reasons?

Keep up the interesting commentary and SMS news for those of who still have our hearts in Timor, but are stuck somewhere else.

fat old sod said...

Will try to find out re the local staff staying at CARE