Monday, 5 March 2007

I'd Much Rather Be Diving

Here we go again. Not much sleep last night (well, none actually) as the boys had built a roadblock about 50metres up the road. Burning tyre type of thingy. Out and about in Dili today stocking up on the essentials. Money, beer, ciggies, water oh, and some food too. Dili is very quiet (well, at least on my street) with not many cars around.
There are various illegal roadblocks at the moment, some just ashes now, some still holding up. Various SMS messages telling us to keep away from the usual places.
I have to go the airport this afternoon to pick up some colleagues coming in from Darwin and am not really looking forward to it. A friend has just come back from there and tells me the boys are stopping cars and asking the occupants if they are Australian. I’ll be flying the Union Jack all over the place and trying not to speak with the Aussie twang I seem to have picked up over the past 7 years.

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