Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Non-Security Updates

Whatever has happened to the UNPol briefings on: http://easttimorlegalinformation.org/UNPolEastTimorSecurityBreifings.html
The site seems to have disappeared. How the hell will we know what is going on in Dili without these invaluable sources of information?
Or perhaps nothing is going on in Dili anymore.



T said...

Hi FOS, I noticed the same problem. You now have to go to the general website http://easttimorlegalinformation.org/, and then click on UNPOL Briefings. Then it works. I guess the guys noticed that there was a misspelling in the previous link (breifings rather than briefings) and decided to change it for correct ENG. That is why your former link is not working. Just update it. Take care. T

fat old sod said...

cheers t.

JMM said...

We post them to our listserv as we get them. The archive is open to all at http://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/east-timor or folks can opt to receive all kinds of english-language news and analysis on East Timor in the inbox. Just go to http://etan.org/resource/etlist.htm to subscribe.

John for ETAN