Sunday, 4 March 2007

SMS News

The following SMS messages have been received in the past two hours:

“Illegal road blocks in vila verde and banana road and Delta. All staff avoid areas”
“Tyre roadblock at heliport, also fighting at Taibesi, avoid areas”
“Burning road block at Comoro bridge. All staff avoid area”
“Warehouse at Bebenoc being raided. Avoid area”
“Activities underway with roadblocks being established in front of CARE compound. Police seen firing small arms to disburse gangs, Youths seen pouring oil on roadblocks on Comoro road”
“British Honory counsel advises the British community in Dili to take special care and stay indoors and lock doors. Illegal Roadblocks being set up around town and these are being defended aggressively.”
“Activity suggests further disturbances can be expected tonight. Ensure doors and windows are secure and maintain comms with sock and jingo” (Huh?)
“UN notice: During 1900hours and 0600hours tonight staff not to approach within 500 metres of the Formento building and Min of Ed.”

I think its time for a good book and a peanut butter sandwich.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Old Sod for keeping the information flowing at this critical time. Keep it up. We all need to keep safe.
-Temporary Dili resident.

Anonymous said...

Good one FOS nice to get some information. What has happened to our Aus embassy? Have they all left and that is why we have heard nothing since Thursday night. We may now know the meaning of level 5.

- Cynical in Dili

Anonymous said...

Australian volunteers being evacuated tomorrow. NGOs preparing to possibly evacuate non-essential staff. Bairo Pite going nuts again.


Anonymous said...

FOS, thanks for the great information for those of us in Oz left to read between the lines, there have been some bizaire media reports, daughter being evacuated Monday, wonder how the airport road will be at that time?

another Mama

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sod, for the update. Daughter had to leave Taubisse due to rioting, tire burnings, illegal barricades and now is @ the Hotel Dili, which she says is in a "safe" neighborhood. Her NGO (actually under the Ministry of Agriculture) plans to wait it out, go day by day. Since she works out of the besieged Fomento bldg, fat chance she'll be at her desk by 9 tomorrow. Might not this be a good time for a holiday in lovely Darwin for a few days? Worried Mama

Malibu Kid said...

Dear Old Sod:

Your blog is great. Very informative. Thanks!

I assume you got the calendar(?)

So..., what's new in Dili: The same old sh-t of course! They did it in 1999, in 2002, 2006, and here they go again in 2007. It can't always be the Indonesian's fault.

I know we've kicked this subject around 'till we're blue in the face, but..., there is no hope for these people; at least not in my lifetime, and after 4 years in ET, I knoweth of what I speak. (They don't want your help unless it's cold hard cash, and don't even think of advising them how to spend it!) But, being the good friend that I am, I will refrain from saying I TOLD YOU SO!! To say I TOLD YOU SO would be like rubbing ones nose in it. So you won't hear I TOLD YOU SO from me! I am not a clairvoyant, but I and other observant individuals predicted this would happen back in 2003. Surprised?

Ok..., enough of that.

I hope you and Mrs. Sod are doing well. Send me an e-mail one of these days.

The Malibu Kid

timordiver said...

Hey Fat old sod, sounds like our run to the airport on saturday was very timely.

No road blocks or APC's here in Bali

fat old sod said...

Dear Timor Diver
I think you knew something was going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear FOS....

Reinado or NO Reinado, people here will fight, or find an excuse to fight. It's in their primitive nature. Along with being under years of occupation. Danger is, ET will ultimately fall back into Indonesia's hands as the Int'l community will get tired of contributing to this island's lost cause. She could become a De-Facto state but we won't see the bloody invasion of 1975 again. ET will possibly fall back into SBY's arms slowly, gradually, - as the international community's interests wain after several failed UN missions....

In 6 years of being here I've not seen any improvement, it's moving backwards!! 6 years of UN presence has done little or nothing but is this really so surprising?

Reinado's become a "Robin Hood" figure, a self-appointed Che Guevera who appeals to the disaffected youth. The Australians are damned if they do, and damned if they don't arrest him. It's about time the authorities and the Aussies showed these goons who's in charge. Not a bunch of misguided rock-throwing twats or goon squads in para military garb fighting 'ghosts' from the past.

Australia must be prepared for the worst if Reinado is arrested or killed. But anyway, these people will dream up a new hero by next week won't they?

The country's so divided and 'fractured' into splinters it's impossible to satisfy every self appointed Che Guevera so a clamp-down is necessary. Even if that means the Government (with the ISF) declaring & enforcing a state of emergency! This 'nonsense' has gone on long enough, these 'children' need a lesson in civilisation....

Sick Water Buffalo

Malibu Kid said...

I applaud “Sick Water Buffalo’s” observation/analysis of ET’s situation. It is an accurate description of past and present.

Yes…, the indigenous species is predisposed to violence for any reason. I’ve seen many dozens of senseless acts of violence and carnage for the most petty of reasons having nothing to do with the U.N or ET government. It’s just their nature; pure and simple.

As brutal as the Indonesians may have been, (and probably were), at least during the majority of their time in ET they kept the little “scrotes” (I love that word) in line with some “Tough Love.” Something that is in very short supply at the moment.

Eventually, one or more expats; military or civilian, are going to get killed during this mess. Maybe then the international community will pull their collective heads out from where the sun doesn’t shine and take notice that the ET’s at the moment don’t deserve our help, and need to earn, (yes, I know…, “earn” is a foreign word in ET) the respect of the International community, and demonstrate their worthiness of our assistance.

‘Nuf said!

The Malibu Kid

fat old sod said...

Please note, the comments posted here are not FOS's and are neither endorsed nor solicited by him. Having said that I will keep this an open forum and not delete any comments, unless they are my own and I have said something particularly stupid.

Anonymous said...


Your last message is understood loud and clear.

You are good enough to keep this informative blog alive and well; the least we can do is keep the vitriolic socio-political rhetoric to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Timorese are good people, it is only a minority that have continued to cause havoc and distres to the majority of the people in Timor Leste. Timor Leste didnt manage its reconciliation process well, with many former Militias and pro integration people causing trouble to ensure that Timor doesnt enjoy the freedom it deserves. If people travel out of Dili then they would know that Timor is not the hell hole as Dili.

The fact is that Timor does not need people who dont know much about Timor to think they know more about the country then everyone else. I dont know why many of the so called civilised people are complaining about, a lot of them have only stayed in Timor because the money is good.

fat old sod said...

Dear anonymous (8 March), the money may be good for some, but for myself and my wife the money is shit. We stay because we love the country.

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